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Simplify your message.

Create great content.

Build your brand.

Grow your business.

Hi, my name is Craig. I love to partner with businesses to help simplify their marketing & brand strategy and craft great stories that will grow their business.

All communication should have a clear and simple message, driven by stories that turn curious ears into clients and clients into advocates. Advocates passionately pass on your story to others – which builds your brand and grows your business.


So let’s begin now.

Creative Consulting

Here’s how I can help you.


Understand your brand.

Branding is so much more than logos and colour pallettes. A great brand is not built simply on what you say about yourself - but also what the marketplace and your customers say about you. As a business, your integrity is everything. It's important that the difference between intention and perception is as small as possible.

A great brand strategy will help close this gap.


Simplify your marketing strategy.

A marketing plan doesn't have to be a complex document of pie charts and graphs. When you understand the fundamentals of effective marketing, you can map everything you need on to a single page. Your plan should reflect a simple framework that everyone in your organisation can understand.

Tell great stories.

Stories speak to our emotions - and emotions drive action. Good storytelling connects a customer's problem with your solution in ways that compel them to choose you over your competition. We tell great stories through every creative medium, appealing to touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. A consistent message over time builds your brand and grows your business.

Some of the brands I’ve had the privilege to work with.
Creative Consulting

Here’s what I can do for you.


Web Development & Social Media

Website development, Social Media and Email Marketing.

Use the right tools to get your story in front of the right people – on the platforms that matter. Turn your audience into customers and your customers into advocates.


Short Films, Video & Photography

I love storytelling. Through film, photography and other audiovisual mediums, I’ll tell the story of your company, in ways that stir the emotion and inspire a response. I can creative short-form video content that stops the scroll and grabs the attention of your audience. I love the challenge of telling a thousand words with a single photograph or capturing a thousand customers with a single word.

Let’s talk about how great content can help you grow your business.


Brand Strategy & Marketing

Knowing who you are as an organisation and why you exist is critical to effective branding. Your WHY should infuse everything you do – and be central to all your communication. How you choose to communicate your WHY is marketing.

When you understand the fundamentals of effective marketing, you can map everything you need onto a single page, so that everyone in your organisation can understand it.

Listen in here to a conversation I had with Waymaker founder and CEO Stuart Leo to learn more about branding and the art of storytelling.

Some nice things clients have said about me.

Stu CameronCEO, Wesley Mission Sydney

Craig’s ability to take the smallest of ideas, the vaguest of briefs and deliver beautiful and compelling creative output in a wide range of mediums is, in my experience, unparalleled. Always collaborative, he is a creative genius who truly treasures the opportunity to serve those he partners with. After more than 10 years enjoying his creativity, Craig still delights and surprises me with his art.

Stuart LeoCEO,

Craig is a master craftsmen of word, image, sound, and pixel. A true artist and scientist in the world of communication, branding, and strategy. If I’m doing something good, Craig will make it great.

John AdamsOwner, Adventure Art Photography

Craig has given our business a strong industry edge with his marketing and storytelling genius.
He has this insane ability to cut through the noise and help us create a clear brand story using compelling media. Craig is fantastic to work with and from our very first meeting has communicated well and delivered on promises.
We continue to work together and couldn’t be happier with the work and the momentum it is bringing our business.

Rowan MumfordOwner, Fitness Life Studios

Craig has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our businesses because of his ability to understand not only the direction we have been trying to move in but also to articulate it to new potential clients. Craig has a creative mind with the skills to back it up. They have transformed our approach to online presentation and advertising. I love his work.

Jack YoungOwner, Bike About

We met Craig through the pandemic. This is where Himy Creative (Craig) worked his magic, creating some great video footage & producing an amazing website that provides Bike About with a spectacular visual story of our products. Craig's passion & ability to work with us, understand our products/vision & then transform this into a visual story for our clients is simply amazing. Thank you Craig you have a creative gift.

Featured Partners

Adventure Art Photography - Promo VideoPartner
February 15, 2021

Adventure Art Photography

John Adams from Adventure Art Photography is a long-term partner offering Adventure Photography Tours throughout South Australia & New Zealand.
Fitness Life StudiosPartner
August 25, 2021

Fitness Life Studios

Rowan and the team are loyal clients who have engaged me to support their marketing efforts with website development, video production, and marketing.
Udder DelightsPartner
January 30, 2023

Udder Delights

Visual storytelling with Udder Delights - a highly respected and awarded artisan cheesemaker based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.
Shrink & Co.Partner
January 30, 2023

Shrink & Co.

Shrink & Co. are experts in mental health disabilities. Our collaboration continues to reimagine their growing business in all areas of branding & marketing.
Chocolate Starfish BandPartner
May 3, 2023

Chocolate Starfish

Chocolate Starfish earned their reputation as one of Australia’s best live bands of the 90s, boasting two Top 10 albums and six Top 50 singles. 

Reasons to consider engaging a Creative
Consultant for your business:


Get your story straight

Learn to articulate simply and clearly who you are and why you exist.

Crush your marketing

Understand how marketing works in the context of your business and stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns.

Get a plan you can execute

Get a clear and simple one-page marketing plan that makes sense to everyone in your business.

Know your audience and where to find them.

Identify your ideal customer, where they are and how to communicate your story to them in the most effective way.

Create effective customer journeys

Create all the content and elements that you need to move people along the customer journey. Move them from awareness to enquiry to sale to advocacy.

Inspiration on tap

Someone you can turn to for coaching in all aspects of marketing, branding and creative strategy. Always a phone call away - without needing to have me on your payroll!

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